Late again.

Well, as I said, because I was busy. Not quite as late as last week though. There was some family drama intervened at the weekend too. These sort of things are part and parcel of running your own business, it’s a lifestyle and there are fewer compartments to keep things locked in.

I was in Middlesbrough for my regular clinic there then had a meeting to explore offering our excellent HGV service there and then I had to get to the RVI for a lecture at the Medicolegal Society. Both events well worth the effort even taking into consideration the 30 mph road works zone on the north side of the Tyne Tunnel. Have you ever come across such a similar significant restriction elsewhere? Isn’t 50 usually imposed?

Mind, I also went to Berwick for my first regular slot there on Friday. That worked well and I am hoping to offer Taxi medicals there now. However  I still find it a little amusing that the main highway between the capital of Scotland and the main city of the North East should look so very like a country road in places and that we are often restricted to 40mph behind an HGV.


Busy Busy

We have put a regular slot in the diary (Monday morning) for me to blog. I’m late with delivery of this service. I realise it is actually because we have been really busy. A mixed blessing for the self employed. I feel gratified things are going well with the business but a bit sorry for myself if I feel as if I can’t draw breath.

Whenever I examine people’s chests with a stethoscope I ask them to ‘Take some deep breaths’ then I say  ‘Keep breathing’. It always occurs to me that this is probably the best advise I’ll ever give anyone.