Have discussed websites this weekend with my splendid son in law, a multimedia designer of some repute, (see leedeecarroll ) we are ready to begin building the next exciting addition to our online presence. However our server is having a bit of a relationship problem with Gill’s camera. We will all have to wait until tonight to see the promised photo  on Facebook.


Banner headline

I’ve got the banner up but have asked Gill if she would bring her super-duper camera in so we can post a good picture. Watch this space.

Today is Kebab Friday.Normally Second Opinion brings lunch in on a Friday from ‘The Harbour View’ in Seaton Sluice. They do a great wrap. However, Gill is instructing me on Slimming World eating so we are doing our own today. Gill is the better cook so she has arranged spiced chicken, quark based dips and the diet friendly wraps. I am Salad Lady. Leaves and cucumber from the allotment, mind.

You may wonder what all this has to do with medical practice. Healthy eating of course. I’ve tentatively ventured into encouraging lorry drivers that it may be possible to drive for a living and be fit too. Not a great response as yet but I’m inclined not to give up.


A chap knocked on the door when I was at home on Wednesday morning asking if I wanted to buy some fish. In my eagerness to support local enterprise I had a look in the back of the van and saw the cooked Lobster. Thought it would make a great present for my husband . The price for this and some smoked haddock were a bit steep but when he offered a kilo of sea bass in with the deal I agreed. When I got in and went to put it away-no sea bass and no van outside any more.


I feel honoured to have been accepted into a facebook group ‘North east haulage companies old and new.’  Gill having been  busy circulating our details to interested parties. I introduced myself to the group as the doctor who does affordable HGV medicals. The founder of the site was upset that I might be using their site to advertise business. It made me think how we feel about people selling. We don’t want to feel exploited.

Trade is not meant to exploit us but to enrich us. I would like to find the best way of doing that.



Did you notice that I didn’t blog yesterday? I spent the time researching the best options for a new website. Talktalk hosted one for us but that company has not excelled for us and the site seems to have disappeared into the ether. Ah, well a great opportunity to launch a super-duper update on us. Watch Out!

Food Festival

Talking about local business, wasn’t the Food Festival at Cramlington at the weekend really good? Well done to the organisers and to all who took part. If we keep showing what we in the North East can do people further afield will take notice. Then there would be a renewed image of our region. One of enterprising individuals pulling together to capitalise on all the great things we have here.

Keel Row

Have you read the introduction bit I wrote last year? If you did you will know I like to cheer on the people who are running their own businesses in our area. It’s part of why I am keen to offer HGV medicals at a sensible price.

I was walking to work this morning ( I hope you’re impressed) and had a chat with Sharon who was standing outside her pub, The Keel Row, supervising carpet delivery and fitting to the dining room. I said I would do my bit with this social media we are learning to use. Gill not being in this morning I may perform my first ever ‘like’ on Facebook. What I would like to say, though, is that I admire Sharon a lot. Let the new dining room carpet get lots of wear because so many people visit.