Allow me to introduce myself.

Allow me to introduce myself. Libby Cripps, I run ‘Second Opinion’, a service providing medical reports for solicitors and insurance companies but also certificates for lorry drivers and for sports activities. I have a background in general practice, occupational and community health and disability analysis but have worked with my husband in a family business ‘Woodland Regeneration’ endeavouring to promote woodland management and sustainable energy in the  North East of England by supplying wood for fuel.

I have come to see over the remarkably rapid passage of very many years (I turned 57 this year just as I was coming to terms with being thirty) that ‘fulfilling employment is the best form of health promotion’ , a phrase I am making into my tag line.

I am therefore aiming to perfect business skills within SO (Second Opinion but it’s easier to type) in order that I can support and nurture other small businesses. I am dubious about the likelihood that big companies are going to invest in our region and my experience of how they treat their staff leaves a great deal to be desired. I see that the people of this area have enviable talents which only need the right encouragement to blossom. I have also seen the anguish and stress that working for yourself can cause, something that is not easily understood by comfortably employed government support agencies.

We (my husband and I who are partners in the business) have recently taken on an apprentice. This has allowed me the opportunity to spend some time writing about my plans and I hope to make this a regular occurrence. I hope you feel interested enough to follow us as things develop.

Given the number of whiplash claims I see, as well as the number of lorry drivers, I tend to take my leave by wishing folk ‘Safe Journeys!’ Not a bad way to embark on this adventure either!


How do I book an appointment with Second Opinion for a HGV/LGV medical?

Do you need an affordable HGV medical?

At Second Opinion we are able to offer our clients the medical for £40.

We are usually able to offer clients appointment dates for the following day, sometimes even the same day!

To make an appointment with us you will need to contact our administrator by telephone or email.

TEL: 0191 237 2110


Things to remember when booking an appointment with us:

  • You will need to be able to provide us with photographic identification on arrival to your appointment. (If you fail to do so you will be charged)
  • It is helpful if bring your own D4 form but if you do not our admin assistant can provide one.
  • It is also helpful if you bring the necessary urine sample but we can provide a bottle here if you forget.
  • You will be asked to complete a short questionnaire upon arrival, so it is recommended that you turn up a little bit earlier than your appointment.
  • Finally, our apologies, we currently have no card facilities and will need to charge £40 in cash .

We hope to see you soon at Second Opinion!

£40 HGV/LGV medical

Here at Second Opinion we offer a great priced medical for HGV/LGV.

HGV and PCV drivers are required by law to prove their fitness for work. The DVLA requires drivers to have medicals at regular intervals.

If you are a HGV or PCV driver you’ll need a medical:
1. At first application of your provisional Category C1 (7.5t), C (rigid) or D1 (minibus), D (bus) licence.
2.When you turn 45, followed by one every 5 years.
3.When you turn 65, you will need to a medical every year
We provide these medical assessments for £40.
We understand that people need a wide range of appointment times to suit your needs and we can offer appointment times outside of normal working hours as necessary, just contact Second Opinion:

TEL: 0191 237 2110